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Durham 066

Tengo que confesarle que desde la primera vez que probé por primera vez sus labios me repetí en mi cabeza que no me enamoraría de usted. Más sin embargo fue inevitable.

Su forma de hablar, su forma de ver y tocar. Rápidamente me hundí en ese océano de emociones que en una presa quería contener.

Al parecer usted vio el humo salir de mis orejas y decidió mantener su distancia con esperanza que la lluvia apagará esa llama. Lo que no sabía usted es que tomaría más que eso.

Boca sabor tabaco

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Me gusta el sabor de tabaco de su boca, quizá la nicotina es lo que me ha hecho adicto a ella.

Simple pleasures

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Since I remember I used to be the kind of person who walks fast in the street because in his mentality he is always late. However he always arrived sooner than expected and he had to wait until the event started or the other person arrived.

When I was a kid I used to eat fast as I could because all I wanted was play with my friends or with my videogames even though these moments could wait a couple minutes more.

Nowadays all I want is to enjoy every single moment in life. However in order to do that you need to take your time to enjoy it.

I found that by walking slowly in the rain, wind, sun, fog or snow my mind starts to remember nice moments or to create new kind of visions or goals. By eating slowly, you will find interesting to found every single component that it is in your meal.

Watch your environment, if you look carefully you will find so many amazing things around there. Perhaps you will find a new animal or a new building that you will find fascinating.

All the remaining that I have to say is that give at least a couple of minutes in you dairy environment and take some to enjoy it doesn’t matter what it. Enjoy it!

By the way lately I found that tea is awesome.

Tea party time 2

It’s tea party time! would you like a cup of tea?

Simple pleasures – Jake Bugg

Trying to understand your ways
You hide them with convulsive rage
You tried to be the best you could be
People finding the most pleasure
All within the smallest treasures
This don’t seem possible to me

Todo comenzó un 22 cuando Gaurav un amigo de India me dijo que si tenía planes para la navidad y le dije que no. Me sugirió ir al cine el 24  a ver “El hobbit”, aunque él no sabía que yo ya la había visto. Me pareció graciosa la excusa de porque ese día, ese día es más barato que otros. En India tal vez que no celebran la navidad como lo hacemos en el occidente.  No tenía nada que hacer así que accedí.

Al día siguiente les pregunte a unas amigas que si tenía planes, no quería que pasarán la navidad sola y las invitaría al cine con nosotros. Pero solo una de ella me contestó diciéndome que ya había visto la película. Que si nos íbamos a cenar tal vez iría. En la noche de ese día que llamo mi otra amiga y me dijo que si gustaba ir a una cena que estaban organizando por lo que tuve que rechazar la oferta.

Entonces al día siguiente, el 24, mi compañero y amigo Mayank me llamó diciéndome las instrucciones del plan del cine. Diciéndome que tenía que tomar  el autobús como a las 6 porque a las 7 dejarían de pasar. Por lo que me apresuré y tome el camión. En el camión me sentí raro, una víspera de navidad viajando en autobús solo hacía un centro comercial para ver una película.

Pero una vez que llegué me senté solo en el cine esperándolos. Hasta que llegaron Gaurav y Mayank, traían con ellos unas hamburguesas de “Burguer King”. Me dieron una y nos sentamos en la calle a comérnoslas con el frío. Esa se podría decir que fue mi cena de navidad.

Una vez que llegaron los demás entramos ver la función, después de muchos comerciales inicio la película. Creo que me gusto más que la primera vez que la vi. Creo que se debió que esta vez no la había visto solo. Me pareció sorprendente que muchas familias británicas fueran al cine en víspera de navidad, creo que es otra cultura.

Regresamos en taxi a nuestras casas y Gaurav se quedó en el cuarto de mi compañero de casa que por el momento no se encontraba.

Creo que fue una buena navidad, me gusto tener su compañía aunque no les entienda cuando comienzan a hablar en hindú. Fue diferente a lo que solía hacer, pero son nuevas experiencias para mí.


All it begun at December 22th, Garuav, a friend of mine, told me if I had any plan for Christmas and I answered him back that I didn’t have any plans. He suggested to me to go to cinema and watch “Hobbit”, however he didn’t know that I had already seen it. It was kind of funny for me the reasons because he choose that day to watch a movie, because it was cheaper than other days. Maybe it’s because culture but it is not common in Mexico to go to cinema that day. But I didn’t have any plans and sound fun so I accepted.

Next day I asked to two girl friends of mine from Mexico if they had any plan, I didn’t want to spend their Christmas alone so I would invite them to come with us. However, only one of them replied that she has already watched the movie but if we go to have a dinner she would come. Later that day the other friend called me and told me if I wanted to have a dinner with other people but I didn’t accept it.

The following day, I received a call from my friend Mayank and he told the instructions in order to gather in cinema. I had had to take a bus to cinema before 6 because buses would stop at 7. After that run to bus stop and took it. It was lonely trip and I was wondering what I had done. That’s not common in my country.

When I arrived there, I sat in a coach waiting for them. Mayank and Gaurav arrived and they had burgers with them, they share one with me and that was my Christmas dinner. We ate it outside of the cinema

Once all had arrived, we went to watched the movie. I enjoyed more than first time, maybe because this time I wasn’t alone. It was fascinating for me the quantity of families that goes to cinema in Christmas.

After the move we went to each own house, Gaurave stayed in my housemate room. He was in London by the moment.

It was a really good Christmas, I liked to have their company besides sometimes I don’t understand them because they started to speak in Hindi. It was different but with new experiences for me.

Poetry workshop III – Old picture

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This poem was about describing a picture using rhymes. I’m very bas using rhymes.

 Yellow picture is ancient
windows distributed like gradient
with a nostalgic scent

The street is so populated
buildings displays announcements
few transports move in the street

Black wires in the sky congregate
meanwhile people mitigate
which road to take.


This second poem is some kind of mirror of the previous one.


To say good bye,
I don’t want to have a cup with you

I just want to hear how much are you goin to miss me
I don’t want to hear about this place,
I just want to return and talk about your life
Have a cup of tea

A black and lonely day,
distance is not the same as colors of life,
distance is feel the true in our faces
and feel the cold air levitating above clouds and find our soul.

New country, new ways to write.

Fo the first time in my life I got involved in a poetry workshop. It was interesting, I discovered new ways to explore poetry. I wrote six poems in this session, none of them is really good but I like them because they are totally experimental poems.


I don’t want to say goobye
I just want to have  a cup of tea with you

I don’t want to hear how much are you going to miss me
I just want to return to this place,
have a cup of tea,
and talk about your life.

Distance is not the same as a black and lonely day
distance is feel the true colors of life
and feel the cold air in our faces
and find our soul levitating above clouds.